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Grass is grass, no matter what side of the fence it's on

So I discovered I still had some lurking 'premeditated resentments,' and I didn't even realize it until it was too late!

I assumed that setting up house would be easier in America than it had been in Kenya.
I assumed that emails telling me to pay my bill would pay my bill if I obeyed and clicked HERE.
I assumed that hot water heaters were electric.
I assumed that $80 in kooky-sounding flours would allow me to bake again, gluten-free.

Instead, we discovered the sellers had just cut the hoses close to the tap when they couldn't get the old washing machine tubes off. At midnight, after a week of VBS, Chad said, "Let me hook the washer up real quick for you." We all know those are famous last words! The twist of a wrench, the snap of metal, the spray of hot water, and Chad's calm voice calling out,

"Miriam...we're doing this again!"

And the saddest part was, I knew exactly what he meant. I gathered up the same towels, which I had washed and fol…