All ready but not yet

Today is Tuesday. And in the wonderful way of the world, that means tomorrow is Wednesday. And Wednesday is when we close and move into our new-to-us house! I'm just a tad excited!!!

I've spent the last few weeks trying to keep myself sane with Internet sales, Craig's List, and my new bff, Ikea. And when I wasn't browsing possible purchases, I was getting my nesting-needs out by helping our friends-and-hosts organize their cupboards and sun-room and garage. Anya joined in and she emptied out an old shed to turn it into a play-house, and we built new patio stairs with reclaimed wood and a pallet we found on the side of the road. I always swore I'd be more crafty if only I had a Home Depot, so now I get to try and live up to my ideal self!

The storage area of the church now contains 2 couches, 4 beds, mattresses, towels, bedding, boxes of books and baking dishes. Two tables, 12 chairs, and winter clothes. Boxes of donated things I haven't even looked through yet. And tomorrow, a 17-ft U-Haul will magically appear (thanks, honey!) and we'll load up all those things, take a lunch break to sign papers and give away all our money, and then we'll drive over to the house and unload all those things. The goal is not a perfect house tomorrow--and no dinner parties this weekend--but I do expect to sleep in our beds. To eat at our table, off our dishes, and with our silverware--baked in our new bake ware (as long as I don't make anything requiring cut up, since we don't own knives yet!). Wait--scratch that. We're definitely going to be eating out tomorrow night. Who am I kidding???

Speaking of cooking and eating out, we're all adjusting to the Celiac Club more and more. As so many of you gently suggested, we're all going to have to go gluten-free in the house. The other kids graze and leave trails of gluten in the form cereal bits, bread crumbs, and who-knows-what-else. I can't keep flour off the counters, and I can't deal with the constant wondering if things are clean or contaminated. While we're staying with our friends these few weeks, the boys are eating up Coco Puffs and rolls like there's no tomorrow. There IS a tomorrow, but it won't contain Coco Puffs, and they know it!!!! The good news about going gluten free now is that we're starting fresh anyway. New toaster, new oven, new shelves and drawers and measuring cups. I'm counting my blessings instead of crying over my French bread.

And while I'm counting blessings--the dairy intolerance seems to be mild. A large bowl of ice cream gives Omara a stomach ache, but a bowl of yogurt or cheese on taco salad seems to be ok. And after taking some deep breaths and putting everything back in the perspective where it belongs, we can handle the dairy issue--contamination won't hurt her, she can decide for herself if it's worth a scoop of ice cream, and I don't have to monitor or worry about it. So I'm not. Happy National Ice Cream Day to us last Sunday!!! She agreed that a cup of Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip was definitely worth it! Oh--and she's gained a pound since her diagnosis. All good things.


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