Run with Endurance...

Sports Day at Rosslyn Academy. In some ways I dread the day, sitting out on the field in the blistering sun for 6 hours to cheer on a 2 minute race for each kid. It rubs my to-do list the wrong way. But I remembered the last field day, and how inspired it made me. So off I went, with my water bottle, sunscreen, and packed lunch.
Isaac had been practicing for 2 weeks--by running up and down the hall in our small house over and over again until sweat beaded on his lip and my sanity lost its grip. Thankfully, his race was first. 200m down the track against the other 1st grade boys.

On your mark. Get set! GO!!!!!

Off he flew, quickly establishing a lead. I know our kids are small, but man--they're FAST!

And then...he ran right out of his shoe. Literally. Left it all on the track. And what is a boy to do when his shoe comes off in the middle of a race???

Mom's always said to NEVER play outside in your socks, so you turn around.

But then you realize that all the others have kept running, and you've been left in the dust. After all that practice. All that effort. All the desire. It was heart-breaking!

He was absolutely devastated. He jogged the rest of the way, tears streaming down his face, but he finished the race. In dead last.    His big sister Anya was waiting for him on the finish line. She picked him up, and let him sob on her shoulder. She comforted him. And then she took him to the race officials and asked if they would allow him to run again in the next race. Against the 3rd graders. Just so he could finish well.

So they let him. And he ran barefoot to make sure he didn't loose a shoe again. And Anya ran beside him, cheering him on the whole race. The crowd was roaring. He was grinning all 200 meters.
And he smoked them all.

Oh, the lessons I can learn from my children about running with endurance the race set before us! 


  1. I'm sitting here trying to see my monitor through puddles in my eyes and think how to say what I'm feeling after reading this. I got nothing Miriam. Just an even split of emotions right now. Joy, pride, anticipation, humility, excitement, & peace are just a few that come to mind right now. Though I think it's a even split on the source! Partly from the Isaac's actual chain of events, and partly from your words and your story telling Miriam! Thank you!!! You made my day. No ... my week! One last thing. I gotta know where Chad was during all this and how he reacted!? :)


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