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The Ups and Ups of Stateside

Man has it been a whirlwind, this past month! At the end of June we flew to Richmond, VA to visit with Chad's parents and to attend a debriefing conference. What a gift to be able to meet with hundreds of others who know exactly what it's like to serve overseas, to count the cost and to miss things in your 'other home' at any given time! It was encouraging and inspiring, and a good opportunity to cry with new friends about my dad's cancer diagnosis. Very healing and reaffirming. Here's the song that we sang during our meetings; it's become my new battle cry!

As soon as that was over, I flew to Dubai for a meeting. It was an amazing experience to travel without children--so easy! My team-mate Lynsi and I kept busy, since it was a working-conference for us, but it was good to meet everyone. Plus, we fit in a little bit of fun! Here is a photo of the two of us with the tallest building in the world.

When I got home f…