Mombasa Mission Trip

The student team and twelve Kenyan students took an mission trip to the southern coast early this month. One of the students, Fred, had only committed his life to following Christ in February. It was great watching him share Christ with street-kids on the beach. Many of these kids come to Mombasa looking for opportunity and end up collect washed-up plastic bottles for cash. Two of these street-kids followed Fred's example and became Christ-followers also.

The local people of the coastal regions in Kenya follow a folk-Islam (Islam mixed with beliefs from African traditional religions). It was surprising that so many of these people gave our students an audience. Almost 200 people from coastal ethnic groups heard a clear presentation of the Gospel over four days. Students also prayed over people with illnesses and addictions. We prayed over a Digo woman with an infected foot--the next day the woman was walking around and working in the fields. This was a great encouragement to our team. All-in-all 20 individuals made commitments to following Christ. At least three of these new believers have come out of folk-Islam backgrounds.

As we closed on the last day, Fred asked to take some of the literature we were using, so that he could share with guys in the dorm back at school. What a victory for discipleship. At the beginning of the year Fred was casually following the Christian religion (not Christ). I met him in February, shortly thereafter he committed to following Jesus intentionally. He has been growing in personal bible study, prayer time, small group fellowship with guys in his dorm who have also committed themselves to Christ, and, of course in boldness for the gospel. The mission trip to Mombasa is yet another chapter in his transformation to Christ-likeness. 


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