Dennis Omondi: Dennis is a first year student at the U of N. Dennis is from the border town of Busia, known for the motorcycle taxi, which is now used all over East Africa and dubbed "Boda-boda." Dennis comes from a Catholic background and says that even though he believed that God existed he did not believe in salvation. In stead, he believed in being a well rounded person. He wanted to experience what he now describes as evil activities. Christianity seemed like a strict code of conduct. That all changed when Dennis was saved in February. He says being a follower of Christ is much more natural than following rules; if you know him, you are changed because of the relationship you have with him.   The really cool thing about Dennis is that he has signed up for our Mission Trip to the Digo People in April. What a testimony to many who are afraid to share the faith. Dennis knows almost nothing, five weeks ago he was practicing the things of the world. Today he is growing in a weekly bible study with four other guys who have really committed to following Jesus. He is only now learning to share his testimony. Next month, in Digoland, Dennis will be sharing the message of God's grace to people who are untouched by the gospel of Christ.     


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