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The silence indicates busy-ness!

I came here on-line today, despite 2 sets of tears heard in the background and 1 11-yr old's voice sounding very much like a stern mother (wonder where she gets that from!) to quickly post the February prayer letter and daily prayer guide. Imagine my surprise when I saw my last post dated almost 2 months ago! In all honestly, I did have a January draft, but when I re-read it, it wasn't worth posting.

So here we are, into February already, and my silence is shameful. However, I cling to the knowledge that it indicates a totally crazy, full, busy life rather than laziness!

All the kids are doing well, back in school. Isaac in particular has really blossomed this year. He's talking about his friends, singing Kiswahili songs he learns in music class, and last week after a doctors' appointment, he asked me not to pick him up early any more because he misses too much!

Anya is doing intramural basketball, serves on the Elementary school leadership team, and is preparing to…