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Getting in the holdiay spirit

Ok, so for those who are worried that I'm permanently damaging my children by not keeping sacred holiday traditions here in Africa...breath a sigh of relief. I made gingerbread cookies and we all decorated them. We have Christmas music playing (THANK YOU, Jen Rhoad--the CD you sent us years ago has the only holiday music we own!!!). And as of today, we have a very unique, African Christmas tree up and decorated. That's my favorite part of getting ready. Both Chad's and my parents gave us a special ornament every year, starting back in 1976 (stop doing the math right now!!!). There is so much history looking at all those special ornaments that have made it all around the world with us, from Africa, back to the States, and now out here again. Our house here has tile flooring, so I did loose my ornament from 1981 when Omara got ahold of it--but I suppose a little superglue on something 31 years old is fitting...some days I feel like I could use a little superglue myself. But …

Great day in nature!

I am not trying to brag, but let's face it. We live in an awesome place! It would be a shame, really, to do anything less than revel in it. So we revel as often as we can, and we had a chance to share it with a friend who works in Nigeria. God truly blessed us on one of our best mornings ever in the game park. Enjoy!