First day of School...survived!

I watched the clock all morning long, just waiting until 1pm when I could pick him up. I was sure he had cried himself into an oblivion, probably passed out from the emotional overload! With fear and trembling, I went inside...and a happy, excited blond-headed little boy came running to me!!!! I had already decided it was definitely a PlanetYogurt kind of day, so on the way over to the mall, he told me all about school...there were lots of friends, and spaghetti but no juice, only water, and coloring and a playground. And he said he wants to go back tomorrow! Oh, me of little faith!!! Lesson for the day...I should have worried less, and bought more white uniform shirts!


  1. I just cannot get over this picture of precious Isaac. Looks like Chad Jr. He is growing so fast. Glad he had a great day!!

  2. He really does look just like Chad! They are growing up too fast.


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