Views from Nairobi's 'Burb

Urban = crowds and tall buildings and bad traffic and smog, right? Yup, that is urban Nairobi. Suburbs = quiet roads and cul de sacs and grass cut to exactly 1/4"? Not so much! Granted, we do live in a 'suburb' area called Westlands, which has much quieter streets and more single-family Western-style homes. But we went to a suburb area of Nairobi last Friday to celebrate the kids' teacher-development day off school...and found ourselves surrounded by a herd of 30 Cape Buffalo! Of course, the area is called the Nairobi National Park, but we're talking a genuine game park of wild animals only fenced on 2 sides, with 4 of the big 5 (they're missing elephants)! It's such an interesting juxtaposition to see East African grass-lands spreading out endlessly to the Ngong hills, grazing antelopes and zebra and ostrich...and then to turn around and see Nairobi's skyline rising above the acacia trees!

Cape Buffalo


What a sight!!!!

I love how creative God was in creation!

A Crested Crane

Giraffe against the plains
We had a great time driving around for 6+ hours, exploring gullies and hills and water-holes. We had a stand-off with a giant Cape Buffalo who stood in the road and refused to let us by--then he pooped, which the kids just loved. After he finally let us pass, Chad reached out his arm to try and "catch" a bird as we drove through the steaming pile Mr Buffalo left behind, and got splattered with Buffalo dung. It didn't get better than that for the 4 little ones! Even Omara was belly-laughing, though it was because Ethan and Isaac could hardly catch their breath! After that, they started keeping a list of which animals we had seen pooping...I'm sure there's a "Big-5 safari" tour like that, right???


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