Sunday Afternoon

Sundays can be a challenge, and yet Kenya is SIMPLE compared to other places we've been. Many a Sunday morning I've shed tears over the chaos, and then the guilt at not feeling more worshipful! For example, this past Sunday went for 2 1/2 hours. Another boy, probably 2 1/2 years old,  joined us for the first hour. We had never met him, but I think he was drawn by Omara's snack cup filled with imitation-Cheerios. His mother, wherever she was, felt no need to call him back! He felt quite free to crawl around under my skirt and between my feet, just like my own kids...since I needed another kid to manage, you know. Finally the older 3 (plus our add-on, thankfully) went to Children's Church--a wonderful part of church in Nairobi. Only it sent Omara into a full-blown screaming fit at being left behind. Exit momma right, with screaming child and curious stares, down to the mother's room, another wonderful part of church in Nairobi. Only this Sunday, the sound was too low and the live feed was off, so I sat in a stuffy room with 10 other moms and tried to not fall asleep as our children ran wild. I've had more worshipful experiences, I have to admit. But I guess that's what this stage of life can be like, and I'm managing.

Needless to say, we really needed something FUN to do after church. And while we may have 2 1/2 hr services, we also have wildlife! So after a quick lunch of BP&J, we were off to the giraffe center. The kids had a blast feeding the giraffes, who come close enough to pet. They feel remarkably like horses, if you were wondering. Except for their tongues, which big, black, and powerful. Ask Anya...she got quite intimate! And then we went on a nature walk through the forest, where Omara practiced her hand-eye-coordination by sweeping away the poop with a stick. What more could you ask for on a lazy Sunday afternoon????
A giraffe vertebrate
My pooper scooper!


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