Back from Kenya

I was in Kenya for another meeting these past 4 days. It brought back even more memories than my last trip, I think because we were meeting at a conference center right down the road from my high-school. The mist rolling down the mountains, the light drizzle that isn't really rain but is more like you're walking through a cloud, the freezing evenings around the fire... yes, I was still in Africa! But it's around 8,000 feet elevation and wonderfully like winter in the Pacific Northwest. We also went up to Rift Valley Academy to visit someone--it hardly looks any different after these 17 years, and I even saw a teacher I knew who is still there! As I stood there in the infirmary of my old high school, I was struck that when you say good-bye, you never really know if it's forever. Here we are going back to our high-school hangouts, something I never thought would happen. So who knows if the good byes that we have to say in the next few weeks are forever or not. I'm hoping not.

We spent all day today packing. We're shipping some by air freight, and they need exact weight and dimensions by Monday. It's quite humbling to reduce all your earthly belongings to cardboard boxes and duffel bags! When we agreed to make this move, we were convinced that it was what God wanted us to do, and we knew all the little details would work out. And they are, of course. But we are sometimes good at making the quick decision and then only realizing later the full implication. We're not doubting this move at all, but it's no small matter to relocate countries!!!


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