The Calm before the Storm wasn't very Calm!

School is out. The seminary has finished. Most of our furniture is gone. June was supposed to be the bit of calm before the whirlwind of July--as in most things, it didn't work out exactly as I expected!

In the past 4 weeks, I've cooked more than I think I've cooked in the past 35 years of my life, combined. Literally! In the first 3 weeks of June, I made 10 chocolate cakes! Ethan had his birthday party early so classmates could come. We had each seminary class over for a last dinner. We had graduation dinner and graduation and the kids' teachers over and took dinner to our church's new pastor--twice, because they changed the dates on us without telling us!

Then I've been getting ready for the team who arrives in 2 weeks. Just this week alone, I made 4 batches of lasagna sauce, 4 of enchilada sauce, 2 kg taco meat, 1 kg refried beans, 4 loaves of bread, 6 batches of home-made cookies, 6 salad dressings, 6 pie crusts, and various mixes: brownies, cobbler, and cornbread. My goal is to make it easier to cook when the team is actually here--I'll be annoyed if it doesn't work out that way!

We are eating on a borrowed table with metal folding chairs and plastic dishes. I'm currently writing on our lap-top ballanced on my knees in the couch-less living room. The boys are sleeping on camping mats in sleeping bags. Thankfully we still have recliners in which to collapse at the end of each day and watch our remaining TV (which will walk out the door any day now, so we're enjoying it on borrowed time). The same day we loose the TV we'll loose the crib--not sure how that's going to go!

But with all that's going on, we're in good spirits. The kids are anxious to move, to see their new rooms and new schools and to hold us to our promises to replace all they've had to sell. Chad's headed out next week for a 4-day village stay with 3 seminary graduates, which always sounds more romantic than it ends up feeling by the end. I leave a week from Monday for 4 quick days in Nairobi and then the team arrives 4 days later. We should have everything set by then. The 10 days they are here will go by super-quick, I imagine, and then we pack everything up and we're gone! July 31 will be here before we know it. And the sad part? I actually keep thinking that's when things will get easier! It's the dellusions that keep us going, afterall.


  1. Ah Miriam! This too will pass. You guys have the best adventures!

  2. Miriam, this sounds so very familiar, just transplant the chaos to Madagascar! We really need to get our families together in Africa one of these days!
    Blessings of peace to you on these crazy days.
    Alissa and Jamie


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