Update on Ethan

Well, Ethan's been taking the new medication for two weeks now. We're on Easter Break now, so we've held it for the last 2 days (and since I've said his name in exasperation about 20 times so far this morning, we're beginning to think that might be a mistake!). The meds, much as I hate to admit it, are working amazingly. His handwriting, described as "horrific" by the educational psychologist, has dramatically improved. The first day he spent 3 hours reading a book "for fun" and did his homework by himself while I went grocery shopping. For anyone who has a child like Ethan...that's really miracle-material! He complained of a headache the first day, and a stomach ache the second, but since then he has been complaint free. He's not been at all "zombie-like" so I asked him how he felt on the medicine--he said, "I really like it--it helps me behave better."

The only trouble we've had is with the insomnia, which I'm hoping will ease with time. He's often still awake when we go to bed at 10pm, which means I have to give him his growth hormone injection while he's still awake. That has not been as pleasant! So far, he's still able to get up at 6am, happy and seemingly refreshed, though I don't know how. That won't last forever, though, so please pray for him to be able to fall asleep easier. Speaking of the growth hormone, we did meet with the endocrinologist and Ethan's growth velocity went from 2cm/yr to 10cm/yr on the injections, so they're working. The plan is to stay on them for 1 more year, which should take him up to the 25% percentile in height. At that point, we can stop the injections and have 'room' to watch and see if his natural growth hormone will pick back up and do its job.

The rest of us are well too. Busy and not sleeping like we should still, thanks to Isaac and Omara, but we're well. We have 2 more weeks of vacation from school before classes start again for Chad and for the kids. Miriam took this week off from the clinic, and it's been nice to get things done around the house and relax a bit before real life hits again on the 16th.


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