Update from Miriam, Alone with 1 kid

I had the big face-to-face review with the psychologist yesterday. It was interesting, to say the least. I have to say, I don't think she got a good read on Ethan...he had trouble understanding her, I think she didn't always understand him. For example, she asked him to tell her what an island was. His answer? "A place where animals and sometimes people live, and fish make them." She was convinced he wasn't' "all there" with an answer like that. When I asked him later, he said, "You know, mom. Fish make them by eating the coral and as it gets digested it comes out as soft sand that makes beaches and islands." Gotta love Planet Earth!!!! But what are you going to do? Say too much, and you're just the over-involved mother. You know how psychs love to go there!!!

Anyway, she feels it's not straight-forward ADHD and she saw no evidence of 'hyperactivity'...proof that terror of her kept him rooted in his seat. Unless what we see--running circles around the carpet while alternating karate chops and light-saber attacks doesn't count as hyperactive! She wants him to have a few more tests to rule out other things first, which can't be scheduled until next Tuesday because the technician is out for a funeral (yes, this is still Africa!), and then we can't leave until the test results come back. It looks like we'll be here for an extra week. Ethan actually cried about it--said he misses Anya and Isaac too much to stay that long. But his joy at eating waffles this morning suggests to me that he'll manage!

I'd appreciate your prayers on Tuesday when he goes in for an EEG--that it will be definitively normal. And that the neurologists will be willing to read it faster than usual so that we can get home to Chad and the other kids.


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