Update from Chad, Alone with 3 Kids

Miriam, random updates from our life
1. After Anya came back from Daniela’s, Alisa came over and spent the night. I feel like I am Anya’s social coordinator. Isaac misses you and says he is ready for you to come back. I said that you were in South Africa and to that he said, “Want Mom” repeatedly. I think it was his attempt at a protest for being left home. Omara has been out-eating Isaac and Anya, maybe put together. She almost finished a stake on her own. So I have either been planning Anya’s social calendar, explaining the difficulties of long distance relationship to a three-year-old, or cutting beef in to cubes small enough that a bird could swallow them since you been gone.

2. The kids have been sleeping pretty good since you left. I am only getting up about once or twice a night and they are going back to sleep well. I feel like I have had a little rest.

3. That rat that chased you showed up again. This time it was dead. The smell was coming from the dryer and I was afraid it had crawled up in there somewhere and died, but when I pulled the dryer out, it was jammed with its head in the rag I used to plug the vent. It must have got stuck looking for an exit. While I was still feeling gross, I climbed up into the attic to see if their was any other dead rats laying around. I found one over the kitchen (yummy) and two had fallen down on the low ceiling over the hall closet just out of reach. I called Anya up the ladder. My plan was to hold Anya by the ankles and lower her down to the rats head first so that she could grab them. I threw an old ice cream tub down there so that she could grab one, drop it in the tub and then do the same with the other. Then she would just have to grab hold of the tub and I would pull her back up. She protested and screamed as any pre-adolescent girl would, but in the end pulled off a perfect “mission impossible” stunt going head first into the pit with me holding her by the ankles. I’m sure she will tell you about it. So we have cleansed our house or four more dead rats.

4. I dropped your booklet at the printers, which should offset my irresponsibility with Isaac’s meds—I totally forgot.

5. I remember how to cook. At least steak and noodles (Anya scolded me for not going off your list—I told her they were just suggestions)

6. The Farmers have invited us over for dinner tonight and the Polglases for tomorrow night. HA! It begins!!!

7. Isaac and Clement broke the stroller, so if you find a cheep umbrella stroller, you might bring it back.

8. I think we should consider buying a queen or even king bed. I am enjoying stretching out more than I thought I would. Who knew that when you turn 36, you need a wider belt and a wider bed!

I love you, Chad.


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