Back in Joburg

Ethan and I arrived back in Johannesburg, South Africa last night. We're here for 1 week, to see the pediatric endocrinologist who manages his growth delay, and for a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment for ADHD. I had a "pre-assessment interview" today with the lead psychologist. It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but it ended up going very well. She listened well, asked great questions, and I felt overall that she had an accurate picture of what we see at home and at school. Tomorrow Ethan has his big day of assessments. Her preliminary thoughts based on my description are a "classic case of significant ADHD" which didn't surprise me. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Meanwhile, Ethan has been bouncing off walls and not sleeping and generally wearing me out. So much to see, so much to want! But then I have to take a breath and realize how much worse it could be--to appease him, I just had to buy grapes and sweet corn and promise him 1 game of putt-putt golf. Oh, and a frozen ice-cream cone with a kit-kat bar in the middle! =) One of his friends whose family works in Northern Malawi is also here--even though we work in the same country we haven't seen him in almost a year because the fuel situation keeps them from coming down to Lilongwe! They're the same age, and they're having a blast playing "Batman and Robin" together.

As for me, I haven't indulged in any malls or coffee shops or McFlurrys, but I did get some to-die-for Orange-Passion Fruit yogurt! And I'm sure enjoying writing this blog on an Internet connect that probably won't drop just as I type the last word!


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