Anguished English

There is much that gets lost in translation every day here. Sure, people make grammatical mistakes in English all the time. And look who’s talking—I butcher Chichewa on a daily basis! But it’s the small nuances that really crack me up. Especially in signs and shop names! Here are a few of my favorites from around town:
1. Iffy Hair Salon…not so sure about trusting my looks to that one
2. Shanty Construction Ltd…are we bragging about that??
3. S & M Weddings…run by a godly Christian couple who unfortunately happen to be named Sam and Mala!
4. Tile Shop: Great Quality at Beatable Prices…yes, I believe so.
5. White Crane Body Wash: leave your skin silky and tender. “After bathing, make you feel extra fragrant”…I always wanted my tender skin to feel fragrant!


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