1 Day to Go!

I can't believe Chad will be home tomorrow! All in all, it's gone better than I expected it would. Yesterday the kids woke up as holy terrors, consistent with it being a Sunday! I had true fear and trembling about taking them all to church, but I had committed in my spirit that I needed to show them how important church is, so off we went. And after a pep-talk in the parking lot, they were amazing during the whole service!!! All 4 of them! Thank you, LORD! I find few things more frustrating than getting us all ready for church and then missing out on the whole service because of bad behavior, so they really blessed me by shaping up. Of course, that's not to say there weren't hard moments in there...top of the list would be Isaac climbing off the potty while I answered the gate and peeing on my bed instead, or maybe the incident where Isaac tried to steal Ethan's lunch, Ethan wouldn't let him, so Ethan ended up with a fork stuck in his scalp, hanging down between his eyes. Really, if it weren't so horrible it would have been quite funny. I resisted the urge to take a photo and instead removed said fork from his forehead and sent Isaac to time-out! In the midst of the chaos, Omara got 2 new teeth, said her first word (hi or bye, we're not sure...or maybe both??) accompanied by the cutest beauty-queen pageant wave, and took 2 steps! Ethan had a great play-date with a new friend in his class. Anya, our flexible social butterfly, had playdates all week, and does well no matter what else is going on!

That's not to say I won't be utterly glad when Chad steps off that plane tomorrow! He mentioned that his room-mate was horribly ill all week...pray with me that he hasn't caught anything. I think I really might just loose my marbles if he comes home sick!


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