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We're still here!

Where to begin!?!?! It’s been so long since I wrote, and so much has happened! We’ve been super-busy, and super-happy with all that’s on our plates this summer.

Volunteers from Missouri came out in June. One woman, Annie, is a PE teacher, so we held sports camps for 4 days each week for 2 weeks, using 2 local churches to help with organization and management. Ok, so there wasn’t much organization OR management, but there were lots of kids! Annie did a great job going with the flow, corralling kids as much as possible, and letting the games morph into something neither we nor they had ever seen before. But they loved it! She taught them ultimate Frisbee, and several different tag games, and of course, there were lots of soccer games. The younger kids enjoyed a version of “Duck, duck, goose”---it ended up being more appropriately titled, “tap, tap, whack” since the signal to give chase was really more of a hearty slap to the head! We also ran into a translation issue...the word for ‘to t…