End of school Chaos

We are still here, despite what it may seem. When I look at our schedule on paper, I can’t always figure out why I’m collapsing into bed in an exhausted heap each night. But it has been an absolutely crazy, busy month and it’s not looking to calm down any. Chad has lots of extra things with the end of the school year, and the kids have their recitals and sports days and awards ceremonies. The volunteers, who are doing great, still need help with errands here and there. The clinic is busy and chaotic. Our phone is out and has been for almost 4 months now, and there is no fresh milk in the city because they’ve run out of labels to put on the milk jugs. Seriously?

But we’re having fun with lots of people around all the time. The girls have quickly figured out they can dish it back to Chad, so they’re keeping him on his toes. We had the graduating students over for dinner last night and they feasted on tacos and pizza and chocolate cake—all 3 were first-time experiences for many of them! (But let me tell you, feeding and cleaning up after 15 people is no small task, in case you were wondering!) Chad’s mom, Sharon, and sister, Lisa, are here for the week, and they’re loving on our kids while we try to catch up with all the backing-up work we’ve been too busy to do. The kids are really who they came to see, anyway!

Ethan is very tired of homework and is struggling to finish the year strong—I can hardly blame him, since I always wanted to fade at the end too. I’m hoping summer break gives him some of his focus back. Anya is dreading the end, because her very best friend is going back to the US for good. I anticipate a flood of tears for weeks after Lydia leaves, and it will likely make me shed some of my own. Saying good-bye to loved ones is such a traumatic event, I’m permanently scarred by having had to do it so often in my life! Of all miracles, though, Lydia’s hometown is just 20 minutes from where we have a house in central Oregon, so we’ll see her again over furlough. God’s mercy extends even into the desires of a 9-yr old’s heart!
Isaac continues to run around bare-footed and filthy, washing the car, harvesting maize, and sweeping the driveway. Omara is sitting up now, babbling away to us. She and Isaac have such a neat friendship already—her face just lights up when he comes into the room, and he showers her with hugs and kisses whenever he can.

So I’ll try to do a better job at keeping up with you all this summer, but we’ve got a lot going on. Evangelism sports camps, game parks, village trips, a 9-day drive around Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana (!!), lots of friends visiting, all while trying to give the kids some degree of structure. Pray for us!


  1. You are awesome! You all are remembered in my prayers regularly.
    PD in NV

  2. The Whitfield's are happy to see that you all are doing well:) Please continue to keep us posted. Zora loves reading your updates.


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