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End of school Chaos

We are still here, despite what it may seem. When I look at our schedule on paper, I can’t always figure out why I’m collapsing into bed in an exhausted heap each night. But it has been an absolutely crazy, busy month and it’s not looking to calm down any. Chad has lots of extra things with the end of the school year, and the kids have their recitals and sports days and awards ceremonies. The volunteers, who are doing great, still need help with errands here and there. The clinic is busy and chaotic. Our phone is out and has been for almost 4 months now, and there is no fresh milk in the city because they’ve run out of labels to put on the milk jugs. Seriously?

But we’re having fun with lots of people around all the time. The girls have quickly figured out they can dish it back to Chad, so they’re keeping him on his toes. We had the graduating students over for dinner last night and they feasted on tacos and pizza and chocolate cake—all 3 were first-time experiences for many of them! …