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Life goes on with predictable unpredictability. Omara has hit 4 months, smiles like crazy, laughs every now and then, and has rolled over once. She loves her maize cereal, though I'm not sure how much actually makes it down her throat. She has entirely rejected the pacifier (yeah!) in exchange for her thumb--whoops. I sucked my thumb until I was in 4th grade, and I thought I might actually escape having a thumb-sucker myself! That appears not to be the case. I think it's why she sleeps through the night though, and to be honest, I'll take the fight to wean her from the thumb in 3 or 4 years over exhaustion right now!

Chad's done with his quarter and has a whole 4 weeks off. In that time he is going to an evangelism community outreach weekend in a village up north (it'll be great but no vacation!) and a week-long mission meeting, as well as reading up to prepare his lectures for next term (Revelations!!! Yikes!)

The clinic is going fine--we had a 9-yr old girl die of …