3 months and still golden

Omara is 3 months old already! I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying with her baby-days, perhaps because she remains so easy to accomodate. She smiles more, laughs and coos, and is unsuccessfully trying to roll over. We found vaccine for everything except pneumococcal (pneumonia), and she's 5.25kg (11.5 lbs) and ready to start malaria preventative meds this week, if we can find any (of all annoying things to have shortages of!)
Meanwhile, the other kids are doing great also. Anya continues to thrive at ABC Academy, where she's on the swim team, in ballet, and in the choir. Her teacher is great, and her confidence has never been higher (that brings it's own host of challenges, but better that than the alternative!). Ethan has settled into the routine of real homework (yes, in KG) and is reading like a champ, whizing through math, and continuing to charm with his great smile and adorable owl-hair. Isaac is back to hearing English and Chichewa, so he's slowed down his efforts to talk again, but I'm not worried. One of these days he'll break through and we'll never have a moment of silence again. We're interested in starting some movement towards potty training, but our first trial resulted in him gleefully peeing on the dining room wall. Perhaps we'll wait until we're not all so busy!


  1. Love hearing about the children's progress; Isaac's potty training reminds me of our #2 son:)

    You are all prayed for daily--health energy and wisdom.

    Blessings from NV


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