Passport adventures

Omara is automatically an American citizen, having been born to American parents. However, to formally file her birth and claim said citizenship, we had to meet with the US Consular at the Embassy today. Actually, Chad had to go last week and file permission for her to get a passport since he wouldn't be here for today's appointment. They require both parent's notarized request for a passport to keep one parent from being able to kidnap a child. Anyway, armed with all the necessary documents, I headed out today to file for "Birth Abroad" and request a passport.

These necessary documents were no small feat! In addition to the notarized "letter of concern" from Chad, I also had to have the passport application, birth abroad application, her birth certificate, our marriage license, my passport, and last but not least, 2 passport photos of her. Yes, of Omara, at 2 weeks old. In order to get these, I had to lay her on the coffee table on a white blanket during a moment when she was awake but happy and not hungry. Then I had to get her with both eyes open but no red-eye glare, both ears showing, no hands visible, and her face between 1"x1 3/8" and 2"x2". Yeah right!!! Omara was actually remarkably compliant, and the photo shop only had to 'photoshop' out her hands that insisted on being beside her head.

The embassy trip itself went without a hitch. Everyone was very sweet, even insisting I go nurse her in an interview room when she developed a terrible case of the hiccups! Supposedly I'll get the documents in 7-10 days and then we'll be free to travel.

After all the hassle of getting the things together, I can't help but roll my eyes over the fact that she'll be stuck traveling on this passport, widely accepted as the best form of photo ID, for 5 years using a photo that (hopefully!) won't look a thing like her a month from now!


  1. I remember having to go through that with Ian. We actually got a letter from President Bush welcoming Ian as the newest citizen. Ha


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