I just came back from an OB appointment, one where I “made wee-wee” on the stick, had my BP checked without the use of a stethoscope, and had an ultrasound which determined that “baby is growing and the gender hasn’t changed.” As a nurse practitioner, I always want to champion preventative care, but this is feeling more than a little like a waste of time!!!!
I was feeling sorry for myself, having to chase Isaac around the waiting room for 45 minutes and then manage him in the exam room during the ultrasound, and I was drowning my self-pity in my weekly McFlurry (a most justified reward after such a morning, I’ve decided) when Chad called.

He had just spent over 2 hours standing in lines at 2 different banks in Lilongwe after the ATM took our money back before he could get it! Of course, the first bank could do nothing and sent him to the central bank…which could do nothing either. They recommend “letting our US bank deal with it.” Like they’re going to believe us that the ATM stole our money back after charging us!!!! Then he had to argue with the phone company because they turned off our phone due to unpaid phone bills of other Baptist Mission properties (ours, mind you, was paid up and current), most of which don’t even have functioning phone-lines.

So now I’m not thinking I’ve got such a raw deal, as I’ve finished off the Quarter Pounder and the McFlurry, even if they did forget to give me my fries (fast food is fast food, no matter the country!) and I’m working on getting Isaac to think an afternoon nap sounds like fun. Things could always be worse… much worse!!!


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