The Big 5

We’ve survived 5 days on our “own” here in Joburg now, though with all of us milling around it’s hardly been lonely! Isaac is doing great—sleeping has even improved a bit. There are Pack-N-Plays available here, but he can climb over the sides, so the trundle is pulled out between two twin beds, and it gives a sense of being contained on 3 sides, at least! He is also more clingy than usual, not wanting to let me out of his sight—but as long as he has a visual, he’s quite happy to play and even entertain himself enough that I’m on book #2 already. He’s giving more hugs and snuggles than ever, which I certainly am not complaining about. And speaking more words even—I don’t know if it’s hearing only English for the first time in 18 months or if it’s the absence of his chatty brother and sister that has finally given him a chance!
Today we walked the mile to the coffee shop next door to the Wimpy hamburger place, where I thoroughly enjoyed a mocha milkshake and Isaac got to experience a fast-food restaurant’s play area. And hallelujah, I didn’t have to climb up through the maze myself to get him down, as I pictured in my nightmares!
Of us “Big 5,” one has a healthy baby boy after a scheduled C-section, one is in labor as I type, and one is about to pop any day now. Then there are the two of us who have to wait until November…it’s hard enough being patient without watching everyone else meet their babies while I continue to waddle along!!! At least us late-bloomers are due just 2 days apart, so neither of us should be the lone “Big 1” for too long.
As far as I hear, Chad is doing well with Anya and Ethan. After leaving me at the airport, they continued on to the lake where they camped, complete with roasted hotdogs and S’mores around a campfire, spent hours swimming, and then went to a local game-park. The plan was camel rides there, but I haven’t heard if that was possible. It’s not worked out very well to stay in touch with them…the skype calling is not working, and it’s not affordable to call from here or for him to call me, so we’re reduced to e-mail. As much as I think our choice of having them come Oct 31 was the right one, I’m feeling like it is an awfully long way away still. This has ended up being such a sweet, relaxing time so far I wish he was here to share it with me. Of course, with all 3 kids here, who knows how long the sweet and relaxing will stay around!

T-minus 4 weeks now!


  1. Don't you guys all live in Africa? I would expect to see some tans! Just kidding. Miriam you look wonderful and happy and I'm glad you are having a relaxing time and getting to spend sometime with Isaac before the new little girl comes!


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