And life races on

few I knew it had been a few days since I last wrote...but 3 weeks? Where has the time gone??? I can not believe I leave for Joburg in 9 days. And call me slow, but it just dawned on me that I'll be gone for 2 whole months! I was thinking about the 3 weeks before Chad and the older kids come. Then the 3 weeks that we'll all be down there. Then the 3 weeks when it will be just me and the new one. And 3 weeks doesn't sound like all that long. But I'll be back December 10th, the day before Isaac's 2nd birthday, just 2 weeks before Christmas!!! I've got some serious planning and packing to do!

Meanwhile, things have been good. Despite my silence, my 3 mornings at the clinic have been going very well and don't feel at all overwhelming. It's a perfect amount of time. I'm also helping in Anya's classroom as a 'reading monitor' 2 of those mornings since the clinic doesn't open until 8. Ethan's teacher laughs when trying to describe what kind of a student he is, but she has also been remarkably patient with his distractability. He informed me that he occasionally gets a rain-cloud by his name for forgetting to do 'first-time obedience' but that he's never had a lightening storm, and sometimes he even gets a rainbow for extra-good behavior! Oh, the simple things that work on kids his age!

We survived a very busy but meaningful graduation weekend at the Seminary. There was only a little drama--one spouse made the 10-hour public-transport trip with her 4 day-old baby...their first child, born while he was busy taking exams! The one student from Zambia got picked up 2 days before graduation during an immigration 'sting operation' at an internet cafe (who knew they did those!) and his visa had just expired, so they threw him in jail! After much prayer on all our parts, they released him in time for graduation since he promised he was returning to Zambia the next day (I think the police just wanted him to have to pay for the trip to the border himself!). But other than that, everything went beautifully, and I surprised myself by tearing up as they all proceeded in. They've overcome so many obstacles to study for 4 years, spend all that time and money, be away from their families...and they were just beaming with pride and awe. I'll miss them being around. I'm sure the next group will be just as great, but I really loved those 20 students. What a joy it was to be part of their education!


  1. So glad your work and pregnancy are going well. Have been praying for you and your family since Jackie Smiley told us about you. NV


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