Pumpelly baby #4

I've realized from some e-mails and comments, that I have not officially made it clear that YES, baby #4 is on the way! I put it in our monthly prayer letter, but many of you are not on that e-mail list. If you aren't and would like to be, please e-mail me at pumpellys@gmail.com and I'll add you!

So yes, baby #4 (and I'm reasonably certain the LAST) is on the way. I'm due Nov 12th, so I'm about 15 weeks and already far too big for my liking (I have an outtie already!). But I'm feeling fine and the kids are excited and hoping for a girl.

Everyone has been asking about delivery plans, so I'll tell you what I know right now. A month before I'm due I'll fly down to South Africa where the medical care is top-notch. I have no concerns at all about delivering there. Chad and the kids will follow closer to the due date. I am preparing myself for a C-section again, since Anya was born that way for being breech (even though the boys were both born naturally). Then I will have to stay in South Africa until the birth certificate is available and then we apply for a passport...they say to expect 4-6 weeks for that process. Chad and the 3 older kids will come back to get back into school and I'll stay with the baby until his/her passport is ready. The mission has a guesthouse suite all set up for people like us. Plus some friends are due just 2 days before me so we'll all be there together. I'm sure the older kids (and Chad!) will miss me while we're still down there waiting for the passport, but I think it'll all be ok. With cable TV, high-speed internet, malls and movie theaters, I'm going to feel like I'm on vacation--with a newborn baby!


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