Official Lecturers!

I know I've been silent since Easter, but don't let that fool you into thinking things have been calm! We're now in week 2 of the semester, and we're both finding teaching to be much more
tiring than we imagined (and all the teachers say AMEN!). Our time of language study was quite luxuriously flexible. We could fit our studies around errands and kids' schedules and whatever came up. No longer! That's been the hardest adjustment...that and having to have all 5 of us ready to be out the door for the day by 7am! Did I mention I'm a serious anti-morning person??

But we are having a blast with the students and with teaching. I was quite nervous about it at first, but I'm enjoying it now. I think my students are too, but then it's awfully hard to get an honest eval from them! Chad's doing a great job with his classes also, and we're feeling great being around the students more.

Of course we haven't paid our phone bill or our water bill this month, we routinely run out of milk and bread and have to make desperate runs to the store (a dangerous thing in Africa, where you never know if the store will actually have what you need on any given day!), and yesterday a man dropped off a goat to see if we wanted to buy it. Only we weren't there, so they penned it up until we came home, and then the man forgot to come back for it. We didn't want a goat--at least not on a Monday when we're running busy all week! So we had to tie it up in the gardening shed so our Rot wouldn't eat it for dinner, where it stayed all night and pooped all over everything. This morning the man came back for his money--I think both he and our workers were quite disappointed their little ploy to convince us to buy a goat didn't work! Anya had already named it, of course, so now she and Ethan are ganging up on us to buy them a pet goat. You know, since we don't have enough going on! So life continues to constantly surprise us, and I'm terribly tired from the busy schedule and early mornings (though it could have something to do with being pregnant and having a 16-month-old too). But we're happy, and we're so thankful to be doing what we came out here to do--at last!


  1. Pregnant? Congratulations! When are you due? Life sounds like an adventure and I love your updates.

  2. Praying that you get a few moments of calm in the busy-ness.

  3. I am so excited!!!!!! marli set up an email account for me, now I can talk with you. I have so much to say. please email me at I can't wait to hear (read) from you. I want our conversation to be private so please let me hear from you and I will also attempt to be more computer literate so I can email you. Cant wait. Cathy Chandler


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