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A Carnivore's birthday

Developing a budget here has been a challenge, because the things I assume will be expensive aren't, and the things that shouldn't be, are! It's all so confusing. For example, yesterday I had a $7 small chicken wrap and a $6 small bundle of grapes (fresh from South Africa--they were so good, and it's been a whole year since I last had grapes!) and yet I picked up Ethan's Claritin for $3. I saw some tortillas in the store the other day: $14 for 10, which is why we make our own!

But another splurge I decided was worth it was for Chad's birthday. I found a 2.3kg steak--that's just over 5 pounds!!!) for $20. What carnivore could resist??? So to celebrate birthday #34, he had a 5 pound steak with baked potatoes, rice, steamed veggies, rolls, and Duncan Heinz brownies for desert. We all shared the steak--and it still lasted for that dinner, 2 breakfasts, and 3 lunches! Who says we're suffering too much out here?

Language Evaluation

On Tuesday, we found out our evaluation would take place on Saturday. I had been so ready to have it over with I didn't even think I was nervous, but then I wrote it on the calendar and the stomach cramps began! We reviewed the material we would be responsible for with our language helper, and it seemed to go ok with him. We'd heard wonderful things about the woman who would administer the eval. And we were reminded several times: it's an evaluation, not an examination. Just to see where we are in language so we can plan for our future study where it's needed. Somehow that didn't calm my nerves any!

Saturday morning came and the kids had an uncanny way of knowing something was up. Could have been the terror in my eyes, I suppose, but regardless, they did everything possible to increase our anxiety level! After a rough morning of fighting and ignoring and pestering each other, we got them to a friend's house and we drove over to where our 'eval' would be.…