It's stinkin' hot, it must be December

Thanksgiving was a success! We had lots to be thankful for, and tons of great food! The piglets turned to pig-fat jelly (yum!) so we had roast chicken instead. As the only Yankees in our mission, let me pass on words of wisdom to you Northerners...If you ever get the chance to celebrate a food-involved holiday with Southerners, you should take it! Let me tell you, they know how to cook up a Thanksgiving feast!!!

This past week us ladies all got together and quilted Christmas table-runners and mantle scarves! It was my first time quilting, and actually really enjoyed myself. As a rather conservative-art soul, I did quake some at having to pick so many different patterns to be sewn together, but it turns out the earth kept revolving even with florals and plaids and stripes next to each other!

In other news, the computer crashed again (which meant we couldn't transfer money so we couldn't grocery shop) and Malawi is having a major fuel shortage (think 6-8 hour lines, violence and riots, and no guarantee of getting anything after surviving said trials!) so we can't drive anywhere. And we're moving into a 2-bedroom duplex next week, where we'll be until our permanent house opens up in January or February. We could have waited until closer to the end of the month, but why wait until the kids are out of school? This way we can celebrate Christmas without thinking about moving.

So life continues to be unpredictable and a little messy around the edges, but we are at peace in the midst of the chaos. After all, what would stressing do but add an ulcer to the list of stressors!


  1. Praying that the edges get a bit smoother for you. have a very blessed Christmas.

    Greetings from Manchester, enland.

  2. Thinking of you is hard to believe that it is Christmas...even the Christmas tree in the living room doesn't help much...I'm thinking that feeding shepherds on Christmas Day will make things right. Wish we could sit down and talk for a far is it from Malawi to Lesotho? Loving you, Teresa and family


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