Still kickin'

We’re still here, and we’re doing well! Sorry for the silence for so long—computer problems happen all over the world, it’s just harder to fix them in some places! So what’s been going on in Malawi over the last month, you ask?

Anya has been bumped up to a higher-skill swimming group (she’s a shark now, not a stingray!) and her legs are often sore but her ego is soaring since she wins most of her races. She also had a field hockey tournament where her team won both the tournament trophy and the “spirit award”. While she was in as mid-field, her team’s defenders never saw the ball (puck?) because it never got past her! She loves our new Rotweiller Jake and her pet chameleon that lives in the tree outside our window. We also had a brief relationship with a hedgehog (quite cute and only a little stinky) but we couldn’t get it to eat anything so we released it in the dog-free yard of our friends. She stayed up until 1am crying about that one!

We had a meeting with Ethan’s teacher, and discovered that he is excelling at blending consonants with vowels, counting, and telling stories…not so much at sitting still and ‘responding to correction’. We, of course, were shocked at this report (HA!). At least his teacher assures us that he is adorable and totally lovable even while he is not listening.

Isaac is crawling at lightening speed, standing for brief seconds, clapping and waving good-bye. He is amazingly skilled with his two teeth and eats absolutely everything—when he wants to and not a moment sooner. He is equally skilled at taking bites as if he’s hungry, and then spitting it out with impressive force. You can often identify all 3 meals for the day by these dried missiles on my clothes. (I’ve given up changing when things get dirty early in the day)

We’re plugging away at language, enjoying ourselves most days. We’re making slow but steady progress. Of course I did tell our guard, “Gonana bwino” instead of “Gonani bwino” the other day. Just one vowel different…no biggie right? Except that I told him to sleep WITH ME well instead of to sleep well. It might have been funny to see a Malawian blush had I not been so mortified! Does that count as making yourself a fool for Christ???

It’s hot here, and we’re anxious for the rain. There’s not a blade of grass alive in our yard, so the dust is totally out of control. Of course, once the rains start it will be mud I’ll be cursing instead! Oh well. There is nothing quite like enjoying an ice-cold Coke while baking in the sun to make you feel ready for Thanksgiving, I always say!


  1. Lovely to read an update. I was wondering how you were getting on the other days as I was updating the website for the charity I work for that supports projects in Malawi. (

    I pray that God continues to bless you

  2. It sounds like things are going really well. I'm excited for Anya's swimming and defense in field hockey. Sending prayers your way.

  3. Sounds like things are going well. Thanks for the great updates...even if they aren't as often as you would like! It's great to hear how everyone is doing.

    We're going to sit down with mom over Thanksgiving break and try to figure out our tickets of next summer! I'll let you know how it goes.


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