The greatest fan; 1925-2009

I'm convinced that The Ohio State Buckeye's cheering squad will be a little quieter this year. Not that they aren't as awesome as ever (one of these days they'll pull through in the big game), or that we love our Jim Tressel any less than before. It's just that Mary Pumpelly, affectionately known as Gert to many of us, has passed away, and the loss of her voice, hoarse from yelling at the TV screen, is significant.

She will be deeply missed, for she cheered for us all as emphatically as she cheered for her Bucks. She spoiled our children, and cooked us endless meals, and made a heavenly cheesecake (as long as Jordan was there for dinner). And oh, how she prayed for us, getting us through more trials of life than we even give her credit for, despite arthritic knees!

She was godly, and she was fun--a perfectly wonderful combination. Who will ever forget the way she made the poor young airport guard blush, when, after a particularly thorough search of her titanium knees during a post-9/11 screening, she said, "Good thing I didn't have my hips replaced!"?

As much as we love her, and as much as we'll miss her, we celebrate the lessons she's taught us and we rejoice that she is now in total peace with our God. And we'll forever think of her every time we ask each other, "How 'bout them Bucks?"


  1. Hi Chad and Miriam. We're staying with Stacey and Lisa this weekend. We heard the story of your Grandmother's journey from Lisa last night. We were glad to hear you were able to have a conversation with her by phone recently. We are praying for you as you grieve there - not being with the rest of your family as they gather this weekend. It is hard to miss these major family times. May the Lord be your comfort and strength.

    We head to Kenya on Monday. Hope our paths will cross some time soon.



  2. Hello Chad & Miriam,
    What a wonderful tribute to Mary via your blog. I was always amazed at her Buckeye support and knowledge of all the players. We also enjoyed talking with Mary about those Kentucky Wildcats!
    I have an amazing story to share. A dear couple/friends of ours from Koinos (our church here in Troy, OH) has a daughter in WA. We've been praying for this daughter to get connected with a church family. Today, she emails her Mom and gives her the website for this church she found, "Cross Baptist." When my friend clicked on the website and recognized your name (they have heard about you from us) and they also knew about Mary's death, my friend, Becky, was overcome with joy. She feels this is truly God's way of connecting her daughter to a church family that even has some Ohio connections! We have no idea how God is going to use this, but it's truly an unfolding of His plan for this daughter.
    We plan to be at the funeral on Monday for Mary. We know you all will be there in spirit.
    Love, John & Myrtle

  3. Barbara Tepper ClaytonSeptember 8, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    To the Pumpelly family:
    May God's comfort see you though the day's that follow. Until You meet again.
    A friend and sister in Christ
    Maize Road Baptist
    Knots of Love


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