Week 2 and still trucking!

We left the US 2 weeks ago today. It's hard to imagine how so much change can fit into 14 simple days! But life is good, and we're still having fun. No tummy-illnesses yet, full adjustment to the time change, and I've even cooked several meals and made a chocolate cake from scratch! I mean, that's MAJOR!

We worshiped today in a local Baptist church. The simple structure (dirt floors, plank-board benches) was surprising, but the singing was out of this world. The Malawians can sing, let me tell you! And the songs were local, not American songs translated. It was truly beautiful, and even the kids did well for the 2 hour service despite it being in Chichewa!

We leave at 6:30am on Wednesday for Zambia, where we'll have another month-long adventure completing cultural tasks in the capital and in the village. In some ways it will no doubt be challenging, but we hear good things about all that we'll learn. We return May 22nd, and then we'll fully settle in to our lives here. We're looking forward to the permanence. As Anya still says, slowly but surely it's becoming "Home sweet home!"


  1. Hey Pumpellys!
    I was reading a People magazine today at the Y (some folks go there to work out - I go for the vending machines, childcare and magazines) and saw that Madonna is going to be in your neck of the woods. When you see her, tell her we say hi and then tell her to keep her grubby paws off of your cute children. We are praying! Love you!


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