Leavin' on a jet plane

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go... sounds like a John Denver song! We spent yesterday morning in a marathon errands circuit, hitting all the last minute stores for all the 'indispensable' things (from marshmallows and jello packets to a swimming suit for Isaac and plastic diaper covers) and we hope to not have to ever see a Walmart again for a very long time. Yesterday afternoon and evening we packed, packed and then packed some more. Everything has fit into 10 suitcases and 8 carry-ons. The dilemma now is this: do we make one of the bags overweight, pay the small fee, and carry less carry-ons through the 4 airports on 3 continents (Richmond, Chicago, London, and South Africa), or do we save money and just figure it'll all be over in 36 hours. Hmmmmmm. A wise aunt of mine once said there really are some things that are fixed by throwing money at it. I'm thinking this is one of them!

We're taking family photos with Chad's family today, eating one last time at Bob Evans (I'm gonna miss that Wildfire Chicken Salad!), and then relaxing. Tomorrow we have to get our wills and power-of-attorney notarized, and then we're off! Next posting will probably be from London!!! Can you believe it's about to really happen?


  1. I can't believe you are almost in the air!! It will be over before you know it! Okay well at least that is what I will pray for! I enjoyed seeing you guys again! Safe travels!


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