April prayer guide

1 Pray for the Malawian believers, that God will fill them “with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding” (Col 1:9).
2 Thank God for the excellent training we received before leaving for the mission field, thanks to faithful and sacrificial giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering every year
3 Pray for unity among the Lilongwe team as we will work together for God’s glory. Pray that we will be a blessing to the team when we arrive.
4 Pray that all our “to do” list would get done and that we would have a special last day with Chad’s family
5 Pray for the next 2 days as we travel. We leave at 2pm Yakima time for London via Chicago. Pray for meaningful good-byes. Pray also that we might sleep on the plane!
6 Pray for traveling mercies; safety during our day in London and as we leave at 7pm (11am Yakima time) for Africa. Pray for patience on our part, and good attitudes/behavior from our tired kids.
7 Praise God that our travels are over!! We arrive in Lilongwe via South Africa at 2pm local time (4am Yakima time). Pray for rapid recovery from jet-lag.
8 Praise God for our wonderful house that we can move right into. Pray that we can start feeling at home here in Lilongwe.
9 Pray for us as we adjust to eating foods that are new and scary to us. Pray that we will have true gratitude when people offer us all the food they have, no matter how different it tastes.
10 Pray that the Holy Spirit will be active around us, preparing the hearts of all those we will come in contact with, so that those who do not yet believe will turn and be saved
11 Praise God for calling us to do His work, for equipping us to do it, and for promising to go with us wherever we go. Pray that we will never forget His promises or our responsibility.
12 Praise God for the miracle of Easter as we worship our first Sunday with Malawian believers!
13 Pray for unity and healthy partnership between the local Malawian churches and us missionaries, that we can be a blessing to each other and work together to spread the gospel
14 Pray for the director and the teachers of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi: for discernment in course content, godly mentoring relationships with the students, for their own walks with the Lord
15 Thank God for the seminary students: their commitment to higher education, their passion for reaching their villages for Christ, and the support of their families and congregations
16 Pray for the persecuted Christians all around the world: for safety, strength, a persevering witness, and joy in the face of opposition (see Acts 5:41).
17 Pray for Mussa (Moo-sa), our Muslim guard. Please ask that his heart would be softened to the gospel, and that we would be a witness to him in word and deed.
18 Pray for Isaac: for continued good health and development (especially since he is too young for the immunizations that help keep the rest of us safe), and good sleep patterns.
19 Thank God for the ability to study the language of Malawi (Chewa). Pray for Chad and Miriam that our minds and tongues would be blessed to learn this language quickly and well so that we can communicate in their “heart language”
20 Pray for the Seminary students: for financial means to pay the fees, for the stress it places on the family, for the ability to focus, retain, and implement what they’re learning
21 Pray for the thousands suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS in Malawi: those with the disease and those who have lost loved ones
22 Praise God for the chance to go to Zambia today and be reunited with all the Africa missionaries we met during the Virginia orientation; pray for the next month as we undergo “survivor Africa” orientation now!
23 Pray for Ethan: for the ability to express his emotions during our transition, bravery in meeting and talking to new people, and ability/willingness to respect the new culture’s rules
24 Pray that we will walk so closely in-tune with the Spirit’s leadership that we will not miss any opportunity to share His Good News.
25 Praise God for the opportunities He is bringing us through this African orientation. Pray that we would learn well, respect well, and see fruit for His glory.
26 Pray for Anya, that she continues to grow in obedience, a gentle spirit, and grace.
27 Pray that we would protect our time for personal devotions, despite a busy schedule. Pray that every day we would grow deeper in our knowledge and love of Him.
28 Pray for boldness and intentionality in looking for those who need to hear the gospel message
29 Thank God that we have the victory against Satan in the spiritual warfare battle. Pray that we will be mindful of this victory when we encounter things meant to discourage us.
30 Pray for our family unity: for patience and abounding grace, for a strengthening of our relationships, for deepening respect and appreciation for each other


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