Ending well

No creative juices are flowing today, sorry! We're winding down our time in orientation now, with just over a week to go. The final commissioning service is next Wednesday the 26th, and then we're done. Our tickets are booked, leaving Richmond for Malawi (via Chicago, then London, then Johannesburg) on April 5th, arriving on April 7th. Our first Sunday in Africa will be Easter. There's something sweet about that...new life celebrated in our new life.

We're anxious to get out there, and we're sobered as we think of the final good-byes, the changes, the stresses we'll no-doubt go through. Pray for us, that we will finish this 'race' of Orientation well, finish the 'race' of our American lives well, and that we would start our new Malawian 'race' with energy, zeal, and excitement; all while running the 'good race' in our public and in our private lives, for His name's sake.


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