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Porcine etymology

We had the lecture on Culture Shock and transition on Friday. A lot of it was familiar, since Chad and I both remember well the adjustment back to the US in college. But they warned us that we had likely gone through some degree of culture shock in adjusting to orientation. That made me think back. Hmmmmm. Is that why I wanted to stay in our small apartment for the first couple days, rather than venture out to meet new people? Is that why I can't drop the baby weight? Must be!!!!

It also made me think about the kids. They've done SO well adjusting, but there have been minor bumps in the road now and then. Perhaps they did go through a minor culture shock. Trouble falling asleep. Increased shyness and independent playing. Unusual questions...wait. That isn't part of culture shock, is it? Well, it wasn't part of the lecture, but let me share one event, and you be the judge. As Ethan was struggling to go to bed a few weeks ago, he looked up at me with big green eyes filled…

Half way through

We've just completed week 4 of 8 in our training schedule. At times I think that 4 more weeks seems like so long, and in the same moment I can't believe it's only 6 weeks until we'll land in Africa! Things are going very well, and they seem easier almost every day. Isaac is in a good routine of waking up only once during the night, with one all-nighter about once a week. Anya and Ethan are in a great routine of going to school, and they love their teachers and their new friends. And the really great thing is that their closest friends are going to Africa too, so we'll be with them again for our quasi-"Man vs Wild" African orientation in Zambia (called 40/40)! That's an answer to one of my most fervent prayers.

We've had some great times. Ethan survived sucking up peas through his penne pasta WITHOUT having to do the himlich, though it was close. Chad and the kids had an awesome jam session with Africa drums, singing about the snakes at 40/40. Chad …

Christian Community

When we realized we'd be at FPO with Isaac as an infant, I was quite upset. I knew how hard it would be. I comforted myself by saying (almost daily) "Well, Miriam. At least you won't have to cook" and "I'm sure there will be lots of people willing to help". It calmed my spirit, but I don't know how much I believed myself. Plus, I'm not good at asking for help.

There is no doubt having kids makes this process harder. I sometimes look with envy at the couples enjoying their time, being carefree and socializing with others, and then us parents are tired-looking, with no energy left for socializing after the kids fall asleep. But it turns out I was right about people wanting to help out! This place is amazing.

Yesterday during dinner, one new friend insisted on holding Isaac while we ate. When she had to leave before we were done, another woman we hadn't even officially met yet came over and asked if she could hold him for us. We sat and visited f…